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Olimpia Splendid Piu 12 Air Conditioner


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The new portable Comfort line range

The level of comfort is surprisingly high for a portable device thanks to the innovative air supply system and the brand new almost totally silent tangential fan.
Numerous features ensure top performance in every phase and mode. All 4 Comfort Line models are smart, compact and  of the highest efficiency.

Più ECO 12
The “little one” in the range. Minimal consumption for excellent cooling power: the incredibly high performance of this product positions it as the most efficient portable unit in its category. Designed by Dario Tanfoglio, this elegant unit will suit every kind of room decor.



Comfort line: the new concept of portable comfort

During the development of those products, the goal we set ourselves was the creation of a portable that allowed a new sense of comfort. This translated into:
• perfect distribution of the air throughout the interior
• utmost quietness, efficiency and compactness
Attention was thus concentrated in the project on a distribution system that supplied a uniform supply of air which did not directly strike the occupants of the room. The result is an innovative system which, thanks to special design of the Archimedes screw, the fan, and the air outlet grill (Olimpia Splendid technology), allows an emission that is different with respect to traditional portable conditioners. The cold air does not directly strike the occupants, but the jet reaches the upper areas of the room (2.7m) arriving at a height of over 4 metres, creating a more uniform ambient temperature.


Quietness and Efficiency

The aero-acoustic performance of Comfort line products, is unique thanks to a newly conceived tangential fan, which allows the movement of an increased quantity of air with minimum noise and minimum electrical consumption. The result is a unit that is extremely quiet and highly efficient, perfect for night use. Comfort line products use highly efficient coolant, and thanks to the use of a high-efficiency compressor and heat-exchangers optimised for the application, attains high performance, with Class A efficiency.


The chromatic choice of colours makes Comfort line range a perfect match for the interiors of your home whilst its compactness and the refinement of its gentle lines underline the attention paid to the design and the details. Those present are enveloped in a gentle, fresh breeze which falls on them like a soothing rain of wellbeing, creating extraordinary comfort.

User friendly

Easy to use, it follows the company tradition of user-friendly products, with fully intuitive electronics on the machine to enable users to simply set the desired temperature as well as the other functions available.


Più features all the desirable functions:
1- Ventilation to use the conditioner as a simple fan
2- Dehumidification to cool, with an emphasis on lowering the humidity of the surroundings
3- Cooling
4- Automatic mode which modulates the functioning of the conditioner according to where it is placed, and also regulates its power to bring it to a condition considered optimum in terms of ventilation, dehumidification and temperature
5- Timer which automatically switches on and off the machine.

Remote Control

All of these functions together with the possibility of modifying the ventilation rate, and setting its automatic operation as well as setting the on/off timer, are easily activated from the practical remote. All the options set are also easily visible on the LCD displays of both the machine and the remote.

No tank

No tank, no water to remove. Our Comfort line portable units automatically and continuously discharge condensate in sprayed form to the outside; they do everything themselves, just switch the unit on, set it and forget about it.

Maximum Cooling Capacity BTU/h 12,000
Cooling Capacity kW
Input power kW
Power supply V - F - Hz 230 - 1 - 50
Dehumidification capacity l/h 1.0
Room air flow (max / min) m3/h 400 / 255
Fan speeds 3
Flexible pipe (length x diameter) mm 1500 x 120
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 460 x 760 x 395
Weight (without packing) Kg 29
Sound level db(A) min - max 38 - 48
Refrigerant gas / charge Type R407C


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Olimpia Splendid Piu 12 Air Conditioner